For some reason it’s always good ol’ Tuesday which gets the honor of being imagined as the cheapest and therefore best day of the week to fly kids. We at Weflykids haven’t put much time into researching how and when this myth came about, but one thing is for sure:  it’s a myth! And since we’ve spoken to over a thousand parents and grandparents in our 2 year history, we’ve heard that myth a lot.

The truth is that airline airfares to fly kids are a lot like items on the shelves in a store. How many times have you seen that closeout/clearance item simply not there anymore? You want it so bad that you even stretch your arm back to feel if there are anymore left at the back of the shelf! If there aren’t any left you resign yourself to paying twice the amount for a similar item thinking that you should have visited that store earlier.

So airlines list their lowest airfares months in advance and it’s simple:  once those particular fares are bought for a particular flight there will be other seats available on that flight. But, they will be on the next price level. After these tickets are purchased, seats remaining will be on the next higher level and so on. So don’t wait, book in advance!

We at Weflykids really do want to save our customers money. It truly makes us happy when we hear that our quotes are cheaper than what an airline told one of our customers. When was the last time you spoke with an airline agent and after s/he told you the price of a ticket said, “But if you can have your kid fly out on Friday instead of Wednesday you’ll save $200”? Airline agents simply don’t care about saving the customer money. It’s almost as if you need to push them along to check the next day, the day after that, the day before, etc. So don’t wait, book in advance!

The software we use automatically is set up to check for the cheapest deal which in order to fly kids means combining the airfare with the airline unaccompanied minor service fee, if it’s required or not. It checks nearby dates and airports because many of our customers are willing to drive an extra 1 to 3 hours in order to save money.

So don’t wait, give us a call and BOOK IN ADVANCE!